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July 14, 2017

   During my time in Belgium I never thought I would be taught how to do something that I have been doing my entire life.. 'Just breathe,' Olivier  said to me… At the beginning of January I started to go through a rough time, which lasted through the month of February. It finally hit me that I was in a foreign country alone and this mental frustration not only showed up on the way I carried myself but also on the court as well during those months.. That was until I heard the words, 'Just breathe.'

  Now I have always been conscious of the benefits of doing particular breathing techniques but I have never seen anything work as fast as the breathing techniques that I did with Olivier Goetgeluck. Vegetative Training (VGT) is the name of the technique. I still don’t know all of the science behind it but I do know after my first session I felt amazing and from that day I have been hooked to it. After a few sessions of doing VGT my spirits began to lift along with my level of...

                                                            Why The Hourglass? 

"Such a perception time is. Why do we tend to allow something so fickle and fleeting to have such a dominant presence over our lives? Understand that the only time that truly exist is Now.. as the wind comes and goes it carries away the concept of seconds, mins hours and days. Meaning that nothing will truly last forever. So be conscious and aware of what surrounds you now and be prepared to let go of it when the time comes, as the wind carries it away like a leaf in its grasp.. the pain, the sorrow, the happiness, the joy all will come to an end before starting again. Accept and embrace it all, while understanding it won't last forever. Be ready to change and adapt in every space and time that we now understand as the now.