Just Breathe

During my time in Belgium I never thought I would be taught how to do something that I have been doing my entire life.. 'Just breathe,' Olivier said to me… At the beginning of January I started to go through a rough time, which lasted through the month of February. It finally hit me that I was in a foreign country alone and this mental frustration not only showed up on the way I carried myself but also on the court as well during those months.. That was until I heard the words, 'Just breathe.'

Now I have always been conscious of the benefits of doing particular breathing techniques but I have never seen anything work as fast as the breathing techniques that I did with Olivier Goetgeluck. Vegetative Training (VGT) is the name of the technique. I still don’t know all of the science behind it but I do know after my first session I felt amazing and from that day I have been hooked to it. After a few sessions of doing VGT my spirits began to lift along with my level of play. The first three to four weeks working the method, in my opinion, lead me to win three MVP's in four weeks. What was most fascinating about my style of play during that time is that I was producing more on the court but it felt like I was trying 10 times less.

The VGT taught me how to slow my life down on and off of the court and this gave me the ability to make smarter and more conscious decisions throughout my day and throughout the game. The moment I stopped trying to control everything was when I finally had the breakthrough during my VGT and also in my game, which I knew would eventually happen, I just didn’t know when.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to elevate their game no matter the sport or just someone who wants to enhance their life experience to work with Olivier Goetgeluck. He is an extremely kind, nonjudgmental and charismatic teacher. He will admit he doesn’t have all of the answers but it will for sure seem like he does. If you are struggling with trying to keep up to the pace that this world moves at, which seems to be moving at 100 mph every second of the day Olivier will teach you multiple techniques on how to be fully present and how to slow down just a little bit.

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