Bag of Dreams

22 years later, I look up and I find myself in a distant and foreign land. I know what steps have been taken that has led me standing here, but I am not quite sure why I am here. Though I am far away from those I love and cherish dearly, I am still surrounded by many, but at times I still feel alone, at least I think I am. It is difficult for me to make out the faces that are around me. They seem as if they are only shadows, a significant part of me, but yet somehow we are still separated. Every encounter with them reveals a new part of me that I once was unconscious to but now I am forced to face. Emotions ranging from happiness, anger, joy, anxiety, are exposed through these shadows which opens the door of opportunity to change and grow. As time passed I now know that these shadows are the lasting memories of people that I have once met and the lessons they have taught me.. I am still not quite sure where this path is headed but there is something, a light, an inner voice that is guiding me and has told me that I am headed in the right direction. It is extremely faint but yet loud enough to encourage me to fight every day, and every day after that has given my visions a chance to manifest. This voice is what has allowed me to pack my bags with all of dreams and enter a land of unfamiliarity, in hopes to find something that I have been searching for. & in return, I have slowly began to find myself..