Why Patience?

The Idea of "Patience" was developed in my early years of college. I suffered from mild anxiety due to being completely consumed in the unchangeable past, the "disappointing" present, while also attempting to speed up my future blessings. This anxiety was caused as I became envious of other people who were succeeding at chasing their dreams at a much faster pace than myself. As a result of my anxiety, I began to take sleeping medicine every night to help calm restlessness. The reality that my dreams were not manifesting in the physical world as fast as I wanted them to was overwhelming.

On one of those restless evenings while laying down, I vividly recall telling myself, "Relax kid, everything that's meant to be will be. You just need to stay patient and trust in God." This internal revelation was the start of devoting my entire life not only to the pursuit of my dreams, but more so to the idea of "Patience". With the goal of inspiring anyone else who is chasing a dream, no matter what dream that may be.

Patience, to me, doesn't mean you should sit around and wait for things to happen. This idea means that you should work as hard as you can to achieve a particular goal and believe wholeheartedly and having unwavering faith that one day your hard work will pay off. It doesn't matter when it pays off, it's simply trusting and knowing that it will be paid off. Heck, even if it doesn't come true at least you know that you did everything in your power in attempt to make your dreams a reality.