In the Shadows...

Everyone can’t be the star that shines its entire life. God’s timing is perfectly designed to give those what they need and want, but only when they truly need and deserve it.

I learned at a young age that there was something deep inside of me that was craving to shine, but my desire to be illuminating didn’t match the timing of God’s plans. Maybe I was too immature, too prideful, ungrateful, or too selfish, whatever it may have been or still is, I understand that I must continue to grow no matter what.

Growth is one of the most important things to me in life. If I’m not growing in all aspects of my life then what am I doing? Ever since middle school I’ve heard “you’re not good enough” and “you will never play college ball” and “you will never play professionally”. Every time someone says “You can’t do” I slowly start to prove them wrong. This is because when people label me as not good enough they clearly don’t understand my desire to grow and to constantly be in competition with myself and try to get better than who I was the day before.

These labels and the constant praise of others often made me feel like I’m living in the shadows. This is a place where I’ve always felt myself living in. The two times that I felt myself finally start to emerge and shine from this place unfortunate events happened and I fell from the highest physically and mentally I had ever been. It just wasn’t my time and it reminded me to continue to grow and be patient…

Every star has its time to shine; whether it is for a moment or for an extended period. I understand that in due time, everything will come to the light and what will be displayed is the growth made during your toughest and most darkest moments. Until that time presents itself, I’ll continue to grind and work hard in the shadows.

This is the life of the dreamer who has dedicated his life to Patience.

-Codi Miller-McIntyre

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