I Expose My Life

In Hopes To Inspire Someone Else's

A Message From The Founder

"Throughout my entire life I have felt like I was destined for something far greater than myself. I would spend nights wide awake looking eye to eye to darkness wondering what was my purpose for being here on Earth.

There were a countless number of nights scrolling through social media and watching other people find their purpose while I still felt lost in this world. For many years this feeling would give me anxiety and many sleepless nights to the point that I would take sleeping pills to escape my thoughts. This was until one night the darkness that I would constantly surround myself in whispered to me, "relax kid, everything that's meant to be will be. You just need to stay patient and trust in God."

This is when my question was finally answered. I have realized that this world consist of many people like me.  People who are chasing their dreams and trying to find their life's purpose. Through this realization I now know that my purpose is to remind people that they are not alone. This is what has lead me to expose my life in hopes to inspire that ONE person who felt like giving up because their dreams aren't manifesting as fast as they wish. 

So to that one person who felt like quitting today I say to them, walk with Patience, chase your dreams with Patience and live your life Patiently. Everything that is meant to be yours WILL be yours in due time. Trust in yourself wholeheartedly and in the dreams that you have chosen to chase."

Codi Miller-McIntyre